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Ford E4OD and 4R100 Transmission information

1989: Ford introduced the E4OD transmission in F series trucks and E series vans. the E40D transmission was available in F150-F350 trucks, full size Bronco SUV and E-150-E350 Vans. The E4OD transmission is a C-6 automatic transmission with electronic controls and an overdrive gear.

 1998: Ford renamed the E4OD transmission as the 4R100 transmission. there are some differences however its the same transmission. they also gave some 4R100 models a PTO option.

 The E4OD can be found behind a 6 cylinder 300 CID engine up to the 7.3 ltr. diesel engines.

The 4R100 after 1998 will be found behind the 5.4 ltr. engines up to the Diesel power stroke engines.

Technical information for Ford E4OD and 4R100 Transmissions including harness connector pin identification and pressure testing specifications.

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Complaint: E4OD/4R100 Torque converter shudder, feels like running over washboard
Cause: Several things can be the cause here, one simply being the fluid is deteriorated badly and a fluid and filter change may remedy the problem. Second is the converter clutch is glazed, damaged or other issue in the torque converter. Third is that the bushings in the transmission are worn and causing leakage in the converter ckt. if changing the fluid does not remedy the problem and there's some mileage on the vehicle we recommend rebuilding the whole unit with good reman converter to rule out any issues.  On the Diesel and V-10 engines its highly recommended to use a converter with Billet front cover to prevent warpage and HD clutch.
Complaint: E4OD/4R100 stalls engine when put into gear. Stalls in reverse.
Cause: When engine stalls when put into forward and reverse gears, may be hot or cold, or all the time the likely problem is that the lock up solenoid is mechanically stuck. you will need to replace the solenoid pack. (be sure pan isn't full of metal etc that has caused the stuck solenoid)
If transmission stalls when put into reverse only check the fluid level as low fluid levels can cause this as not enough release oil to clutch and will stall engine in reverse cold, maybe hot. Other causes can be stuck valves in the valve body and or even the converter has an issue inside.
1994-1995 trucks only: if all else is ok you may have speedometer computer that's failed and showing excessive vehicle speed to the TCM and the truck goes into what's called over speed protection, and it shuts off the fuel pump. The speedometer may be telling the ECM the truck is going 100 MPH when put into gear and will shut off fuel. you can test this by disconnecting the Vehicle speed sensor which will shut off vehicle speed. if your problem goes away you may need a new speedometer module.
Complaint: Ford truck E4OD/4R100 trouble code 62 or P0628, TCC
Cause: code 62 or P0628 means you have no lock up and or slipping lock up. It may feel like lock up is working fine. some reasons for this code can be the converter clutch, TCC solenoid, Valve stuck in the pump and a common one can be worn sun shell bushings in the gear train and or stator support. Worn sun shell bushings will send you diagnosing for ever for this code.
Complaint: 4R100 No second gear, 2001 model years only.
Cause: Ford tried to use a mechanical diode for the intermediate Sprague this year and it dident work so well. If you have no 2nd gear in model year 2001 truck you will need to rebuild transmission/replace intermediate Diode and 2rd drum with older or newer version sprague/drum. Never use mechanical diode drum/sprague when rebuilding transmission.
Complaint: 4R100 PTO, no PTO operation.
Cause: The TCM applies the overrun clutches to operate the PTO on these transmissions, if all external electrical diagnosis has been done and still wont operate you may have failed overun clutches and or snap ring popped, worn out of drum causing no clutch apply and thus no PTO or weak PTO operations. one test to see if clutches are working is to drive truck up to 30-40 MPH and shut off overdrive switch, with foot off accelerator, you should feel significant engine braking if the clutch pack is holding, if just coasts away you've found your problem.
Complaint: No lock or cycling lock up in and out, no lock up at low throttle, no codes.
Cause: Check to see if truck has LED tail lights installed and if does this is likely your problem as the BOO resistance is too high due to the LED bulbs. You can add a 6OHM 50 Watt resistor to the brake/turn signal power ckt to remedy this issue to keep LED bulbs.
Complaint: E4OD/4R100 no up shift and possible no speedometer.
Cause: If you have no speedometer and no up shift you may have faulty speed sensor, some trucks have the speed sensor in the rear differential housing. you may or may not have VSS codes. If you have speedometer operation and no up shift with only VSS codes or no codes you need to check that ECM is receiving VSS signal. The signal branches off from sensor to speedometer, ECM and cruise control, and its not too uncommon to loose one part in wiring etc.
Complaint: Ford truck All the transmission fluid blows out of bell housing, overheated, snow plowing, towing.
Cause: Sometimes you can have sudden severe transmission fluid loss out of front seal, bell housing area when working the truck hard such as snow plowing, towing heavy loads, (usually during hot weather)
Don't assume the seal is bad or you have another problem, it may have simply overheated due to heavy use or hot weather etc. most times you can let cool down and refill transmission with new fluid and drive away. earlier trucks can have updated seal installed which has been in production for many years and in all overhaul kits etc. The real fix here is to check cooling system, add air to oil cooler on top of radiator if doesn't already have one and or install larger cooler. make sure you don't have any kinked lines etc that can be contributing to this issue. You can have internal issues such as slipping TCC or clutches etc causing overheat as well. This may show up without heavy use. On earlier E4OD trucks if you have 5/16 cooling lines change over to 3/8 lines and will make a difference of several degrees during operation.
Complaint: E4OD/4R100 Cracked around bell housing or rear 4x4 case adapter.
Cause: A cracked case such as around the bell housing or sometimes around the 4x4 adapter in 4x4 trucks is almost always related to a vibration from such source as bad or frozen u-joints in rear shaft, bent drive shaft, misaligned such as from lift kits etc. If you replace a case for this reason make sure you find the cause or it will be back broken again.
In some cases you can have corrosion build up between the bell housing and engine block which can push the transmission off the engine and break the bell housing area right around the bolt areas. this will look different than a vibration crack due to its close location to the engine block and when transmission is removed you will see the festering corrosion between the two mating surfaces.
Complaint: E4OD diesel engines only: limp mode or starts in high gear, no tachometer, no codes.
Cause: On the 7.3 diesel engines there is an engine rpm sensor on the timing cover and can fail with no signal to TCM. this can create situation where TCM doesn't know engine is running so wont actually turn on solenoids when you drive the truck.  if completely dead your tachometer wont operate. can also be jumpy tachometer or no low rpms etc causing all kinds of shifting issues.
Complaint: Sudden loss of forward movement only, has reverse and was working fine before.
Common issue here can be the forward drum splines have stripped out where the input from front carrier goes into drum. This will require rebuild/replacement of forward drum. always check these splines for wear when rebuilding transmission. This problem was more prevalent on older 6 cylinder trucks.
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