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Torqueshift/5R110W Transmissions are found in Ford LCF and International CF500 and CF600 trucks

5R110W Tech Tips

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Battery disconnect/relearn procedure
Any time the battery is disconnected for any reason, including dead battery, a new PCM has been installed, or the calibration has been reflashed, the adapts for the "Engagement Schedule" should be reset. This procedure will prevent the customer from returning with firm or harsh shift or engagement complaints. Proceed as follows: Note: All of the following engagements must be performed, in order for engagement pressures to correctly adapt with the new calibration.
1. Install diagnostic equipment (or use suitable Thermo device) and monitor TFT (Transmission Fluid Temperature).
2. Warm the transmission to (130°F) as indicated by the TFT.
3. Perform 5 engagements from Park to Reverse. Each engagement should be five seconds apart.
4. Perform 5 engagements from Drive to Reverse. Each engagement should be five seconds apart.
5. Perform 5 engagements from Reverse to Drive. Each engagement should be five seconds apart.
6. Perform 5 engagements from Neutral to Drive. Each engagement should be five seconds apart. Then drive the vehicle in steady mid throttle range, up shift then slow down to stop and redo 10-20 times.
Complaint: Erratic shifting and possible trouble codes:PO711,PO712,PO713 or P1711
Cause: No signs of actually overheating (or cold): Likely Failed transmission fluid sensor and or internal harness. Unplug the transmission vehicle harness connector and turn the key on with the engine off. Using a Digital Volt Ohm Meter set on DC volts, place the negative meter lead to a known good ground. Place the positive meter lead to terminal 18 in the vehicle harness connector end and check for approximately 5 volts on the wire coming from the PCM  This is the TFT sensor signal wire. If 5 volts is not seen, then the wire is damaged or the PCM may be defective. If approximately 5 volts is seen then verify the external sensor ground circuit as follows. Leave the positive meter lead at terminal 18 where approximately 5 volts was previously seen. Remove the negative meter lead from the known good ground and place the negative meter lead to terminal 22 in the vehicle harness connector. The meter reading should indicate the same 5 volts as when the negative meter lead was connected to ground. If approximately 5 volts is not seen at this time then the external ground circuit is at fault.
The TFT sensor can also be tested externally by unplugging the trans harness and
measuring the resistance across terminals 18 and 22 at the case connector with
a DVOM set to OHMS
For terminal ID, check with information from the "Technical information" section. Ford part number for Temp sensor: 3C3Z-7H141-AA. part number for the harness: 4C3Z-7G276-AA
Broken coast clutch drum spin weld. (no movement condition)
If you find the coast drum spin weld broken/spun out you will need a new drum however the new drum should be TIG welded around the spin weld area to strengthen the drum. This should be done on nay overhaul repair etc to prevent this from happening again. One cause can be a worn pressure regulator valve and or sticking valve that allows a slam into gear or low pressure and then a slam causing a neutral drop condition that can break the drum. Always check pressure regulator valve, and bore for wear or sticking.
Recommended fluid for Ford 5R110W transmissions
The required fluid for the 5R110W transmission is Mercon SP. Do Not use any other kind of transmission fluids in this transmission as damage will result.
2003-2004 Ford trucks harsh reverse to park disengagement concerns.
With trucks built before 11-14-2003 there's an updated manual valve to fix a problem with a clunk or thump when coming out of reverse to park position. Youll have to remove the solenoid control body and then replace the manual valve. Part number: 4C3Z-7D376-AA. You may need to replace the body gasketa s well when removing the solenoid body.
Ford 5R110W transmission venting oil out.
Theres been allot of venting complaints with this transmission and the cause if its not overfull or overheating can be the pump halves are warping and have cross leaks. One fix is to replace with new pump or you can have machinist machine the halves flat. Or try hand lapping the halves with stone. 
Delay or possible no reverse sometimes at all.
This can occur with no trouble codes setting, Intermittently you may have no reverse or a delay etc. inspect the internal range sensor by removing from transmission and look at the pin that goes into to rooster comb part, they can wear thin and cause switch to malfunction, not read correctly in reverse and cause no reverse conditions. You will notice the new switches have a different spring design to correct rattling which can cause the wear.
Slipping, long drawn out shifts, harsh shifts intermittently.
The Mass air flow sensor can cause soft, slipping and or harsh shifting problems in ford trucks and you may not have any transmission codes. This can be caused by dirty sensor from dirty air cleaners or over oiled aftermarket air filters, failing sensors.  If transmission is soft, has drawn out shifts and slipping shifts you can disconnect MAF and drive truck. if problem goes away replace or clean your MAF and fix air cleaner issues. with disconnected TCM will revert to TPS signal to shift transmission and pressure etc.
Pump gears welded to pump wear plate (pump/bushing destroyed)
This can be caused by a bad ground from battery to engine block. Ground cable must go to engine block only, do not ground to transmission bell housing or any other area. make sure there's no corrosion on ends, terminals etc. Installing new larger cable can help prevent this from happening.
Immediate Pump/gears destroyed on transmission replacement, recent repairs
You must prefill the converter before installation into transmission on these as much as you can, (3-5 qts) and fill transmission with as much oil as you can before starting the engine (8-10 qts) and then quickly fill the remaining oil into unit once engine is started, you can even start then shut off after 5-10 seconds and add more oil. the capacity of these units is upwards of 16-18 qts depending on cooler, pan etc. The unit pumps very fast and if the pump is let run dry for only a brief few moments you can destroy the pump bushing, gears and entire pump, converter neck etc. This can occur in less than one or two minutes.
Technical information.
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